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How do I turn off pop ups

Even though pop ups are blocked on my browser, eBay pop ups keep coming up.

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in reply to rz100940

Are you talking about advertisements or pop-ups?

Those are two entirely different animals.


Pop-ups are required for the site to function properly.

The Browse window for images on the listing form is a pop-up.

The Enlarge feature on eBay listings is a pop-up.

You need to uncheck your pop-up blocker on your web browser.


Advertisements are a different story. You need not put up with those.

Run a good malware tool such as Malwarebytes on your system:




And, if you continue having problems, use a web browser that doesn't allow advertising, such as Firefox.



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in reply to rz100940

Try installing the AdBlock plugin for the Mozilla Firefox browser. Guaranteed no more pop-ups.