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Registered: ‎01-25-2013
Accepted Solution
How do I print shipping labels from my android tablet. I am able to print pretty much anything except the shipping labels. I hit print and n

I get the label view and hit print but the only thing that happens is my paypal account gets lowered. I have the brither printer app installed and have no trouble with printing all but these labels.

Accepted Solution
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in reply to palmergolf2006

What web browser are you using on the Android device?  Try Firefox or Dolphin and make sure that javascript is allowed.

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in reply to palmergolf2006


Maybe you need to set those 2 up that they talk to each other.

Before you go any further, and you can't use those labels? They need to be voided within the time period. Also that doesn't bring the monies back immediately to your Paypal Account. You have to wait for refund - which takes 21 days from today. I would find a computer that you can use to generate the labels requested. You would go into your summary page, shipping labels, reprint from there.


Then google your problem to see whether you can get an answer from there, or call brother and ask. Hopefully you also got a manual with the printer? Check in there. Otherwise you are running an expensive proposition.

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