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Community Member
How can I disable the "similar items for you based on this item" widget that sticks out over the "save to watch list" link...?
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎10-07-2010

This "similar items for you based on this item" feature is 1) not helpful 2) a nuissance 3) an irritating aggravation that intrudes onto the page and pops out whenever a cursor gets anywhere near it, being activated far too easily and shooting out so fast that when one goes to click on the "add to watch list" link, it jumps out and gets clicked instead of the link which the member had intended to click.


This is an example of overdevelopment, as well as clutter, on a web page. It is very poorly implemented, with the active area being far too large, exceeding the space within the tab itself. One does not need to click on the tab, but simply get anywhere near the tab which juts over onto the page intrusively and it juts out rapidly, too fast to stop the click and rather than the member getting the item added to their watch list as they had intended, they find themself on an unwanted page which they then have to close or back out of, find their item page again, and then ever so carefully approach the "add to watch list" link from the side farthest away from the tab, for fear that the hairtrigger activation again gets set off and once again frustrate their efforts to add the item they desire to their watch list.


I have found myself on an unwanted page of "similar items for you based on this item" repeatedly and been unable to add items to my watch list more times than I care to tell you until I began approaching the watch list link carefully from the point farthest away from the danged tab.


I can't imaging other users aren't experiencing the same frustration, though I doubt many think to contact eBay and let them know the problems they're having.


It is not helpful. It is a bad design.  searching already brings up keyword suggestions. The item page already shows items people who searched for this item also are looking at.  How many places to you have to find to put suggested alternative items for members to search in anyway....????


I've been on the site for all these years and never needed or wanted such an item.  Now that it's appeared, I find myself exasperated having to deal with its imposition every time I want to add something to my watch list, which is quite often.


How can I either -

1. configure my preferences to disable this item

2. get eBay to review the usefulness and benefit of this item, in addition to all the other suggested search items that have already been added to the website up to this point, and consider that it's simply overkill, being redundant and needs to be eliminated to make the site more "user-friendly" and streamlined.

3. get the developers to eliminate any activity area for this tab that exists outside of its physical border. If it is decided that this is an item eBay simply must have, despite the cluttered appearance, redundancy, lack of need, etc. at the very least make it so a member would have to actually click on the tab itself before it pops out.


As it is, it pops out randomly, automatically right now, without the cursor even going near it.  Then after a certain amount of time, it retracts, with it's edge intruding onto the page by a quarter inch or so, blocking the "add to watch list" link, being parked directly over the link. 


This is a very poor design that a first year web designer should know not to do. It's hard to imagine eBay would approve such a poor design, in addition to its poor implementation... but there it is.


How do I get rid of it?  Can anything be done by eBay to eliminate it or fix the danged thing...?



Other Answers: 4
Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-22-2011
in reply to gmeades1

I agree 100%. Its overdevelopment of a website and unnecessary, not to mention something that gets in my way EVERY time I go to make a move on Ebay. GET RID OF IT! I have already cut back the number of items I click on because it covers half the item title as well as the "add to watch list" link.

Lets protest this to get this garbage off our screens.

Community Member
Posts: 65
Registered: ‎01-17-2011
in reply to gmeades1

I agree.

Popups are just SPAM no matter where they're used or by who..

The "add photo" popup needs to be removed from the message reply page for the same reasons.

Community Member
Posts: 1,216
Registered: ‎05-24-2005
in reply to gmeades1

Listen gmeades1, you know that the slide-over-tab ain't helpful, I know it ani't helpful, and undoubtedly eBay also is very aware that it is not helpful.

    You seem to be under the delusion that eBay produces these widgets in order to help you. Where did you get that crazy idea? You also seem to think that eBay cares to know what is helpful. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

    I agree with you on all of your points about
overdevelopment, clutter, poorly implemented, bad design, etc. But, if I didn't know any better, I would say those were eBay designers stock and trade.

    My guess is that the real problem is that there is a problem, and that that problem has nothing to do with "Similar items for you based on this item." It has to do with a slow economy and customers lagging support of the site. One of these problems eBay can't fix, and the other would mean facing cold hard facts about the business model, something eBay is unlikely ever to do. because large corporations do not work in the world of "reality" they work in the world of "results."

So they create a phantom problem, and cure it with a slide-over tab like "Similar items for you based on this item." Problem solved because they have created "results." Much of the work conducted at mega corporatations really boils down to a bunch of crazy ants pushing one grain of sand from one end of the maze to the other and back again. The "result" is often something of the type that users and customers find interminabley annoying. But that is a result! It don't matter if it's the result one anybody anticipated. Which brings me back to reality and the real problem, "why is there lagging support for the site?"

If we want a work around for this problem we will have to talk to programmers other than eBay. Do we really think eBay will help us in this regard?

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Community Member
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎05-25-2012
in reply to gmeades1

On my Mac, Similar Products was making me crazy. Found it and turned it off. It was in a Chrome extension called Facebook Notifications. It was cluttering up every page that had an item for sale or auction. I'm told that developers add this to extensions for cash. Can't blame them but it is a nuisance.