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Community Member
Getting error code 70296 70205 when trying to place an order
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎10-12-2007

Getting error code 70296 70205 when trying to place an order with a seller we have pruchased from before.  Did have a minor issue with the last order which we questioned about but now are getting this error message trying to order.  Not sure if they are offended about our question though we emailed back and advised must have been misunderstanding on our part, or if it is a technical glitch, as we've never seen this before.


Other Answers: 3
Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎10-20-2013
in reply to gmagpascoy

It's happened to me too. in my case, however, i emailed the seller to have some infos before buying, and i got some errors after that. but the "Error code: 70296 7025" shouldn't be a block from the seller. I haven't offended him in any mode, and him thinks it can be an ebay technical issue.

I also tried to do the same thing with other sellers, to exclude other possibilities, and with other sellers i haven't any problems. i have this error only with the seller's items i contacted.


Now, i think it can be a glitch or other technical error. Reading about seller blocks, the ebay system alerts you about the seller block if you're blocked from the seller, but i haven't seen this sort of alert 'til now. only the error above and some chances the item i want isn't more available (other thing false, because other people continue to buy it)


I don't know what to think..

Community Member
Posts: 11
Registered: ‎07-24-2011
in reply to gmagpascoy
There are only two possibilities. The seller changed the requirements for all buyers on their auction, and you no longer meet said requirements. Or the seller has placed you on their Blocked Bidder/Buyer list. eBay does not notify a user when they have been blocked, but instead gives the Error code: 70296 70205. If you wish to confirm, try Contacting the seller through the same auction you are unable to bid on. If you have been blocked, you will be given the following message: We're sorry we couldn't find an answer for you. Unfortunately, this seller is not able to respond to your question.
Community Member
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎11-21-2013
in reply to gmagpascoy

I've got exactly this same  'Error code:  70296 70205' from 1 seller

Bought 3 electronic items and 1 was broken.  The seller promised to send a replacement which never came. I emailed him again and the same promise was made. After another month emailed again since by that time I received other items from that area but not the item. He never replied again. Ofcourse I can't file a complaint at Paypal because the time is over.

Now when I want to order another item from him, yes technical things can fail, I get this error.