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Community Member
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎02-26-2003

Best Way to Ship 22inch Zenith LCD TV and 19 Inch Sylvania TV?

I am selling off everything I own to pay for medical bills. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and now found out I also have bone marrow cancer.

Before I knew I was sick, I had rented a condo for my father 3 years ago. I decorated and furnished it including these 2 bedroom size TV's as listed in the title.

I don't have the boxes because I didn't have room to save them but my dad ended up getting sick and unable to move across country.
Both sets were turned on to connect to Dish network and DVR boxes but they weren't used.
I have receipts, all manuals and discs. Additionally I would include the HDMI cables (which were $50 each).

I took them to the UPS store to get a price on shipping since they need to be packed well so they aren't damaged. It will run around $65 to ship ground because I have to buy boxes to ship them in.

Each TV was $300 with tax and I was going to sell them for $150 but if I do that I cannot include the shipping because I can't afford it.
I have tried to sell them locally on Craigslist but was lowballed to know end and scapped the idea.

Does anyone know the best place to sell them and/or a better (cheaper) way to ship them?

I can give them away on Craigslist but they are in such good condition, I can't imagine accepting $40-$50 for each one.

I don't want to skimp on packing because they are in brand new condition and have been wrapped and stored indoors. I would hate for something to get broken.

Any ideas would be great!!

I am living in shelters now and am on what little state aid is available but everyone is in need and just because you have an illness that is debilitating, doesn't put you ahead of the line.

You would think there would be resources for the indigent like myself but I'm shocked at how few are available.

I appreciate your time!!
Community Member
Posts: 3,110
Registered: ‎04-03-2007

Re: Best Way to Ship 22inch Zenith LCD TV and 19 Inch Sylvania TV?

in reply to eg146
Do local pickup......

you don't have to give them away on Craigslist...set your asking price and go from there
Community Member
Posts: 498
Registered: ‎02-29-2004

Re: Best Way to Ship 22inch Zenith LCD TV and 19 Inch Sylvania TV?

in reply to eg146
If your 19 inch TV is a CRT TV, that size used TV usually sells at our local goodwill thrift shops for around 20 dollars. Used CRT TVs have low value (no matter what you paid for them). I regularly see relatively large (bigger than 30 inches) flat screen name brand (Sony. Sharp, Samsung, etc.) CRT TVs at the local Goodwill stores for less than 50 dollars, and sometimes much less. It doesn't make any difference what the original cost of the TV was. Most of those large screen CRT TVs sold for 700 dollars (and up).

As for your 22 inch Zenith LCD TV, unfortunately, what you paid for that TV has little affect on the price you might get for that TV. Right now, you can buy an new RCA high-def 22 inch 1080P LCD TV for 160 dollars from WalMart. Used, your TV might probably fetch 75 to 125 dollars on CraigsList or on eBay, and that is only if that TV has no defects.
People in debt often confuse the word "need" with "want". People who do not succeed often confuse the word "can't" with "won't". - John -