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Stamps Price

Rising Star

Stamps Price

I am new to stamps, is this a good deal? $99 for stamps listed below, unused condition, one for each. Please help. Thank you!

1) Amadeo P. Giannini (21c)

2) 1948 New York City Jubilee (5c)

3) 1949 Alexandria Bicentennial (6c)

4) 1949 The Universal Postal Union (10c)

5) 1949 The Universal Postal Union (15c)

6) Wilbur and Orville Wright Brothers (6c)

7) 50th The Anniversary of Powered Flight (6c)

8) Amelia Earhart (8c)

9) First Man on The Moon (10c)

10) Delta Wing Plane Silhouette (9c)

11) Slogan (13c)

12) 1945 WWII Coast Guard (3c)

13) 1944 WWII Alfred E. Smith (3c)

14) U.S. Merchant Marine (3c)

15) 1946 Stephen Watts Kearny Expedition (3c)

16) 1946 Smithsonian Institution (3c)

17) Palace of The Governors Santa Fe, New Mexico (1 1/4c)

18) Nato (3c)

19) 1970 Maine Statehood (6c)

20) 1965 Battle of New Orleans (5c)

21) Airlift ($1)

22) Eugene O’Neill Playwright ($1)

23) Airplane (5c)

24) Airplane (6c)

25) Continental Navy (10c)

26) Continental Army (10c)

27) Continental Militia (10c)

28) Continental Marines (10c)

29) Bunker Hill 1775 By Trumbull (10c)

30) Lexington & Concord 1775 by Sandham (10c)

31) Peter Francisco (18c)

32) Haym Salomon (10c)

33) Peace on Earth (10c)

34) Dwgriffith (10c)

35) Great River Road (5c)

36) Plant for a more Beautiful America (5c)

37) General Federation of Woman’s Club (5c)

38) 50th Anniversary Marine Corps (5c)

39) International Telecommunication Union (11c)

40) Herbert Hoover Humanitarian Engineer (5c)

41) Settlement of Florida 1565-1965 (5c)

42) Salvation Army (5c)

43) International Cooperation Year 1965 (5c)

44) Magna Carta 1215 (5c)

45) Churchill (5c)

46) Crusade Against Cancer (5c)

47) Centennial of the Sokols Physical Fitness (5c)

48) Amateur Radio (5c)

49) To the Fine Arts (5c)

50) Verrazano Narrows Bridge (5c)

51) Homemakers (5c)

52) American Music (5c)

53) Doctors Mayo (5c)

54) 1947 The Utah Centennial (3c)

55) The Doctor (3c)

56) Sidney Lanier (8c)

57) Cherokee Strip (6c)

58) Leif Erikson (6c)

59) Arkansas River navigation (6c)

60) Walt Disney (6c)

61) Register & Vote (6c)

62) Support Our Youth (6c)

63) Hemisfair (6c)

64) 1968 Illinois (6c)

65) Mississippi (5c)

66) Christmas (5c)

67) The Biglin Brothers Racing Thomas Eakins (5c)

68) Finland Independence (5c)

69) Plan for Better Cities (5c)

70) Voice America (5c)

71) Nebraska Statehood (5c)

72) Thoreau (5c)

73) Search for Peace (5c)

74) Eriecanal (5c)

75) Canada 1867-1967 (5c)

76) We Appreciate Our Serviceman (5c)

77) Wildlife Conservation (8c)

78) Parent Teacher Association (8c)

79) XX Olympic Summer Games Munich 1972 (15c)

80) XI Olympic Winter Games Sapporo 1972 (8c)

81) XX Olympic Summer Games Munich 1972 (6c)

82) Colonial American Craftsmen (8c)

83) Family Planning (8c)

84) National Parks Centennial (15c)

85) National Parks Centennial (8c)

86) National Parks Centennial (6c)

87) National Parks Centennial (2c)

88) Peace Corps (8c)

89) Universal postal Union (10c)

90) Horse Racing (10c)

91) Robert Frost American Poet (10c)

92) 75th V.F.W. Anniversary (10c)

93) It All Depends on Zip Code (10c)

94) Rural America (10c)

95) Tom Sawyer (8c)

96) Osteopathic Medicine (8c)

97) U.S Navy (3c)

98) World Peace Through Law (10c)

99) Banking (10c)

100) US 200 Years of Postal Service (10c)

101) International Women’s Year (10c)

102) 1975 Apollo Soyuz (10c)

103) Sybil Ludington Youthful Heroine (8c)

104) Salem Poor (10c)

105) Collective Bargaining (10c)

106) Mariner Venus/Mercury (10c)

107) Pioneer Jupiter (10c)

108) Paul Laurence Dunbar (10c)

109) Benjamin West (10c)

110) National Parks Centennial (11c)

111) XI Olympic Winter Games Sapporo 1972 (11c)

112) Progress In Electronics (11c)

113) Statue Of Liberty (18c)

114) Status Of Democracy (26c)

115) 1931 Yorktown (2c)

116) 1935 Michigan Centenary (3c)

117) Susan B. Anthony Suffrage For Women (3c)

118) Alaska (3c)

119) Puerto Rico (3c)

120) Charlotte Amalie (3c)

121) 1944 Completion Of First Transcontinental Railroad (3c)

122) 1944 First Steamship To Cross The Atlantic (3c)

123) 1944 Centenary Of The Telegraph (3c)

124) 50th Anniversary Of Motion Pictures (3c)

125) 1945 Florida Centennial (3c)


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I personally would not pay that much for what looks to be very common material often found listed at below face value.......If you're just getting started collecting you might want to think about collecting used can get many more for your stamps look nice but they are just waiting their turn to do the job they were created for.........traveling on covers as's one listing I just found that you might like......If you only want mint material that is your choice....but I have found some wonderful items and great pleasure collecting used materal.




Re: Stamps Price

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Worth about $8.25 and all usable for postage at face value.

Rising Star

Re: Stamps Price

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I see many of these 3 cents stamps listed $0.99 on eBay now.


Re: Stamps Price

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I see many of these 3 cents stamps listed $0.99 on eBay now.

Ah, but you don't see all that many of them *selling* for $0.99 each. :-)


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I see many of these 3 cents stamps listed $0.99 on eBay now.


Unfortunately there are many dreamers out there who think they can sell these for much more than they are actually worth. 


There are certain circumstances where buyers will pay a little over face for 3c stamps - this is usually when they are in plate number blocks of 4 - usually you will find you could sell them for around 110-120% of face. However for singles this is not the case. 


I have a stockbook which is full of the 3c and up values which I just use on my mailing as I know that way I am going to get full value from them. I also have a vendor who sends me packages on a regular basis, one side of which is always covered in 3c stamps.


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Of course I'm sure you know by this lot that you purchased - 200901593798 - that stamps do not sell for over face value. 

Rising Star

Re: Stamps Price

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Thank you for the information. One question, what is "hinged" mean?


Re: Stamps Price

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Hinges are small glassine pieces used to stick a stamp to an album page.  When a stamp is "hinged" that means one can still see the mark left behind.  Hinging causes a disturbance of the original gum on the back of the stamp.






Thank you for the information. One question, what is "hinged" mean?


Re: Stamps Price

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From that lot you bought, you 'may' get face value for the 3c part sheets and you 'may' get close to face for the $1 stamps but the rest you'll be lucky to get around what you paid. Still you have a good amount of postage which should last you several years. 


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An easy way to identify and estimate a stamp's value is to just 'Google' it. Once you id the stamp you can then to to your library and look it up in one of their books, or like our libraries have free online research tools that you can use to value stamps and a lot of other things.