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Community Member
my package almost arrived and now is being forwarded to another state? whats going on
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎04-17-2013

my package finally arrived in my city while i was at school and was brought to my apartments but then was immediately forwarded by usps to another state no less! whats going on here is there any way i can get it back to me? usps has like no info on this and yea please help?! 

Other Answers: 2
Community Member
Posts: 609
Registered: ‎12-04-2012
in reply to l1lwashu

I take it you have a UPS tracking number that told you your package was shipped to this other state correct?  If so you have proof for UPS.  They should be able to locate your package and should be able to see it was shipped out to another state by mistake.  However it may be on it's way back to the seller because you were not there to pick it up after several attempts.

Contact your seller and ask them to help you track on their end too.  They may get it at their place eventually.  Your seller needs to be made aware of the situation.  Hopefully they will assist you. and speak to UPS about finding the package.  Good luck.

Community Member
Posts: 27
Registered: ‎03-10-2013
in reply to l1lwashu

I believe the OP stated the package went via United States Postal Service.


If you have the tracking #/info available for it, you should be able to work with the Post Office to get your package routed back to you. Call their CS number (usually more effective than email.) Also, you may want to check with them if their is *any* forwarding notice attached to your address (apt or building). I once got a package re-routed by them that I sent to my sister's address in my name, and there was an OLD forwarding notice on file with them for my brother (with the same initial) back when he lived with her. Fortunately, it went to my brother's new place. :-D


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