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Community Member
fedex shipping claims
Posts: 40
Registered: ‎10-13-2001

A buyer received a damaged item shipped through Fedex.  I shipped fedex through ebay's site.


I'm trying to file a claim on the fedex site but it automatically lists the shipper as ebay in San Francisco rather than me.  Does anyone know if my account will automatically be credited if the claim is approved? 


Please don't post the fedex site "submit a claim" link for a response as i did a search on their site and it shows no results for "ebay" whatsoever.


I'd like to hear from someone who shipped fedex through ebay and has experience filing a damage claim please.


Thanks for reading this.  Smiley Surprised)

Other Answers: 1
Community Member
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎08-20-2012
in reply to woohooo

If you purchase shipping through eBay's shipping tool on orders, all charges are made via their account which makes them the shipper on record.


I had to file a recent claim for a damaged item that was shipped using FEDEX, tried to have eBay customer service initiate the claim but their rep's tell you to contact FEDEX to file the claim.


Even if they assist, the likelihood that your claim will actually be filed is not very good, in my case I learned 3 days later that the item was not picked up by FEDEX and when I contacted their claims department, no claim had been filed.


FEDEX tried to send me back to eBay but I explained that I need to have this resolved immediately because the buyer was requesting a refund which I do not give until a claim has been paid.


The representative was nice enough to help me at that point, emailed me the claim form and now I am waiting for an actual claims representative to contact me.


From this point forward, I am going to just ship using my own FEDEX/UPS accounts rather than the automated systems provided by eBay unless they can allow me to link my shipping accounts with my eBay seller profile and store.