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Community Member
Why does usps tracking say delivery status not updated ?
Posts: 212
Registered: ‎11-21-2008

This is the same order I had problem with about the name being to long , because he had doing business as and other things on the name, well I called him to see how to shorten it. I put down what he said had to be on the name. The shipping label still turned it down so I had to deliver it to post office and write in the name and address. Now the usps tracking is showing delivery status not updated since may 20 , I sent the buyer a message to see if he received the item and he doesnt respond . What should I do, all this is over a 5.95 item ? Will pay pal hold my funds back if not shown delivered ?

Other Answers: 6
Community Member
Posts: 1,160
Registered: ‎10-19-2010
in reply to jetlag1946

Sometimes they are NOT canned at delivery!!!!   So,   do NOT ask your buyer if they received their package as they can come back and SAY they did not ( even though they did..)  as long as you don't get a complaint form the buyer then just ASSUME the package was delivered,  do not open a can of worms unless you want to get your hands dirty.......

Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎03-13-2008
in reply to jetlag1946


Delivery Status Not Updated

When a mailpiece is given the “OF” event (out for delivery), there is an expectation that within 14 hours the piece will receive a clock-stopping scan. If a clock-stopping scan is not made within 14 hours, a “DX” event is created to show “Delivery Status Not Updated”.


This is from USPS. It seems the postman did not do the clock stopping scan.

Community Member
Posts: 212
Registered: ‎11-21-2008
in reply to jetlag1946

Thanks for replies, I think I know what happened now. I never printed the ebay shipping label, it would not accept it . I went to post office and paid the postage and wrote in the address, I got the tracking # and came back and added it to ebay. I am used to the ebay label having the delivery confirmation checked and didnt even think to tell the PO people (no pun intended) that I wanted the delivery confirmation so it was probably not included.  And that would explain . No complaint yet but I wish I had not sent the msg asking him if he  received the package .

Community Member
Posts: 18,695
Registered: ‎02-25-2003
in reply to jetlag1946

Will pay pal hold my funds back if not shown delivered ?


If the buyer does not file a complaint, PayPal will release your funds in about 21 days after payment.


Do NOT encourage the buyer to file a complaint, by asking them if they received the package!



 Please return to your question soon, and click "Accept as Solution" for any helpful answers, from any responder. If you were asked for clarification, please add your comments very quickly -- otherwise the responders may be unable to give further help
Community Member
Posts: 5,157
Registered: ‎05-06-2004
in reply to jetlag1946

did you buy postage at the post office?

you can't write in an address on a printed label.

if you paid for postage at the post office,  did you buy the delivery confirmation and then upload that number to Ebay for tracking?


sounds like the original label has never entered the mail stream.


Community Member
Posts: 4,629
Registered: ‎07-06-2004
in reply to jetlag1946

How would we know?   Call UPS ask them.


Never kick a sleeping dog - don't contact a customer and ask if they received it.  If they didn't, you'll hear from them.

If they did receive it, and see your message, and note the undelivered status, they can file a dispute for non delivery and win - so - its best to not contact them.

Upper right corner on this page, click 'customer support'. Type your question into the input box, and click the 'search' button.

This will answer 99% of all questions posted on this board.