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Community Member
International item tracking vs seller protection?
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎07-09-2010

A new question for the day, A "what if" question.


I have about 6 packages going overseas, tracking that does not cover overseas updating at all. None of them have been updated once leaving the country. If there is a claim made that the package does not arrive where is my protection and how do I proove my side of shipping?


I shipped via the ebay labels but out of the few packages none have been updated outside the USA. All 6 are going to Russia (what is up with Russia and Cross stitches?!) Some have been confirmed, Verbally, as delivered.


After this mornings run in I am sitting here wondering what if they said "never arrived" How do I protect myself? 

Other Answers: 3
Community Member
Posts: 2,194
Registered: ‎02-19-2007
in reply to craftycarlyjo

Short answer is none. Without delivery confirmation, ebay will side with the buyer automatically. Sounds like you shipped the packages First Class. You should have checked out the International forum beforehand, there are a few thousand nightmare stories there alone.


In most of the cases, non delivery is not the problem. The problem stems from your package sitting in customs for several months, in the meanwhile, many buyers opened a " not received, " dispute. They win, get back their money, and eventually the package too. We have experience this too many times, even using Priority Mail was no help.


If International sales are part of your target audience, as is ours, I would recommend a third party insurer. We use shipsurance. They offer insurance of First Class International parcels, where the Post Office does not. At Even so, Shipsurance stopped offering coverage to Russia last year, because of the rise in fraudulent claims.

Community Member
Posts: 17,725
Registered: ‎06-25-2012
in reply to craftycarlyjo

If you did not purchase the proper level of postal service to provide for full tracking to the buyer you may have a problem.  Many Russian buyers know that full tracking is not available to their location unless the seller purchases a very costly shipping level.  They can then receive the package and file an item not received claim.  Since the seller cannot prove delivery the buyer gets the item and their money back.


Therefore, to protect yourself you need to ship with either the new Global Shipping Program or use the very expensive USPS shipping services.  Your buyers may not be willing to pay the price for this level of service so you may lose business.

Community Member
Posts: 24,545
Registered: ‎01-20-2005
in reply to craftycarlyjo

If you choose to ship via First Class International (or Priority flat rate envelope or small carton), you have no tracking except to the countries at the link below.




To many countries, you can insurance via a third party insurer such as u-pic. This makes sense for expensive items you don't want to reimburse out of pocket. However, I have never had an international buyer from Russia or anywhere else claim non-delivery of a package except in a few instances where the package arrived about 6 weeks after shipping. The couple of times I refunded, the buyer contacted me to repay once the package arrived.


Yes there is some risk when you ship internationally, but the gains far far far outweigh the risks. You're not selling in high-fraud categories and you sell items for 99 cents. You don't have too much to worry about, but if you're not comfortable shipping without tracking, limit your international shipping to the delcon countries at the link above.