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Community Member
How to void a shipping label
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎06-28-2011

Hi printed a shipping label & then due to something changing, the transaction did not complete & all money paid was refunded through Paypal. I need to void the shipping label & get the money refunded to me. It says I have 5 days to void the label, and I am within that window. However, I can't find where to void it. When I bring up the screen for the label it says to void or reprint, visit the detail screen, so I do but it doenst give me an option to void. Where or how can I void an unused shipping label? I've looked in ebay and paypal screens and can't find anything. HELP! I don't want to lose my window of opportunity to void it.

Other Answers: 4
Community Member
Posts: 2,426
Registered: ‎08-26-2005
in reply to plentyofus5

you only have 48 hrs to void from paypal so you must have printed on ebay, go to the order details page for that item, the void link (if still available) will be located there.

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Community Member
Posts: 13,537
Registered: ‎12-05-2005
in reply to plentyofus5

You can log into Paypal and void the label from there. The option is near the bottom, but depending on the time the label was printed it may take several days to get the money refunded.


If you just printed it and click void it will refund quickly.  But if it's a day or two old USPS will wait to see if it's been used before refunding you.

Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-09-2010
in reply to plentyofus5

i voided a label the day i tried to create it and got nothing back!