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Community Member
How do I use Parcel Select now that the USPS has gotten rid of Parcel Post? Trying to figure it out is like trying to read the damn Tax Code
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎11-11-2010

Can anyone give me a straight answer on how to use Parcel Select at the USPS?  I went to send a package yesterday that would have cost about $12.50 with the old Parcel Post, and they said it had to go Standard Mail or Priority Mail and both were the same price, $18.50!!

The woman at the P.O. didn't know how to send Parcel Post! 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Other Answers: 4
Community Member
Posts: 36,937
Registered: ‎11-02-2006
in reply to globalranger375

Standard Post is available at my post office, not sure why that clerk could not help you with that.

I am not an eBay employee. I'm a US eBay Community Volunteer.
Community Member
Posts: 12,382
Registered: ‎03-26-2008
in reply to globalranger375

Parcel Post is now Standard Post.


Parcel Select is only available online, but not thru eBay at this time.


If the item fits, you can try sending in a PM flat rate box and cut your losses. Or ship Fedex or UPS ground.

Community Member
Posts: 356
Registered: ‎11-16-2010
in reply to globalranger375

I think I understand your confusion here goes:  Parcel Select is offered by USPS for commercial use only, so if the clerk at the Post Office doesn't know you're a biz, which they can't know, they can't let you mail using Parcel Select.  Only through Ebay can you use Parcel Select.  If you have to go to the post office to mail choose Standard Post (that's just the new name for the old service). 


Hope that helps.

Community Member
Posts: 3,237
Registered: ‎09-25-2007
in reply to globalranger375

Go to a different post office...GEESH>....and they wonder why the PO is in trouble.....


You can go to Stamps.com and print a label for Parcel select.

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