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Accepted Solution
Automatic 5 Star Rating
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Registered: ‎12-25-2013




(1) I've read in the help pages that sellers can automatically receive 5 stars in Shipping under certain conditions.  One of the condtions is that the item ordered be delivered in four days.  Does that mean four Business Days?  For example, if someone places an order for something on, say, Saturday night at 10 PM, would the order need to be delivered on Wednesday?  Or would it be Friday (Friday is four days after Monday, the first business day it could be shipped).  I would think it's the latter, but I'd like to be sure.


(2) Also, am I correct that  there's nothing a seller can do to prevent a low DSR (other than writing to the customer and apologizing) if the seller meets all the requirements for an automatic 5 (in terms of providing shipping information and shipping within 24 hours), but the carrier messes up, and the transit time is longer than it should be?


Recently, perhaps because of the holidays, many shipments I've sent via USPS Priority Mail take 1 to 3 days longer than the number of days estimated on the Priority Shipping Label.  In fact, over the past three weeks or so, arriving in the number of days estimated seems more to be the exception rather than the rule.


Worse, there have been several packages I've shipped where the transit time is much  longer than estimated (between 7 - 10 days), either because the origin sort center sends it to the wrong place, or for reasons not discernable from USPS Tracking.



Thanks in advance for your help and Merry Christmas!


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Community Member
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Registered: ‎01-23-2011
in reply to the-blue-door

To get an automatic 5 star rating for ship time, sellers must offer either same day or one day shipping,


download tracking within one day of the purchase (a purchase made on monday must have tracking downloaded by midnight PST on Tuesday),


AND it must arrive within 4 days.


To make this happen you should never count on Media Mail or Parcel Select to ship anything. 1st class and Priority mail are the only metods that you can safely depend on for a 4 day delivery...and during the holidays lots of 1st class packages have missed the cut off time...and even some of my Priority mail packages have been delayed past the 4 days.


If packages are delayed past the 4 days by the carrier, then the automatic 5 stars is voided. The buyer can then leave whatever they wish. These delays should clear up really soon after the holiday.

Community Member
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Registered: ‎10-09-2008
in reply to the-blue-door

Yes, it's 4 business days;  as a buyer I was unable to rate shipping time on an item that took 6 days, but there was a weekend in the middle so it was only 4 business days.


Unfortunately, there is no policy for accommodating shipping delays due to carrier problems, weather, etc.

Community Member
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Registered: ‎02-16-2013
in reply to the-blue-door

I just sent a priority package this month that took 12 days and the person only lived about 25 miles from me. They tried sending it to the wrong town ect. till it finally got to the guy, I mailed it the day after he ordered it...... hopefully he doesn't leave feedback.....

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