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Community Member
what happens if you end the sell of an item before the auction time is up
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎10-23-2012

what happens if you end the sell of an item before the auction time is up

Other Answers: 4
Community Member
Posts: 771
Registered: ‎06-01-2010
in reply to brown2401

If there are people bidding , you'll end up with mad bidders and could be pentilized for it and a bad reputation , because we do watch !


If there are no bids , then end it quick before someone bids and your fine !


I hope this helps ;-)

I honor all who have served to protect us .
Community Member
Posts: 13,056
Registered: ‎08-14-2008
in reply to brown2401

If it has no bids there is no penalty.

Community Member
Posts: 6,149
Registered: ‎04-10-2012
in reply to brown2401

Depends on a variety of circumstances.

No bids, no harm, no foul, no problem.

If you have bidders you need to cancel them all first, else the high bidder wins the item at the price shown when you end the listing.

Even if you cancel all bidders you will be charged the final value fee just as if you had sold it as described above. That is a done as a penalty for closing an auction early with bids in progress.


Community Member
Posts: 65,528
Registered: ‎05-11-2005
in reply to brown2401

Somebody (scammer) is contacting you to buy outside eBay, or what? What happens if you do this is at the least an eBay policy violation, or even losing your item.