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Community Member
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎09-09-2009

how does the automatic relisting 3 times work

I heard that some ebay sellers have an option to relist items 3 times automatically at no extra charge for listing fees.  Is that for everyone?  I cannot see it on my site.


Community Member
Posts: 168
Registered: ‎03-16-2011

Re: how does the automatic relisting 3 times work

in reply to mabells

I got that on my listings a month or two ago.  Now it's disappeared as an option on new listings and 'revise' listings, where it was before.  Called eBay yesterday and was told someone would call me about it.  Well, I'm still waiting....

Community Member
Posts: 5,001
Registered: ‎10-09-2008

Re: how does the automatic relisting 3 times work

in reply to mabells

It was originally an invitation-only special offer, due to end on December 31, but then a description of it appeared in the general Help pages and otehr sellers who hadn't gotten an invitatoin statrted seeing it. And then of course it stuck around after December 31. Yet there are stll many sellers who don't see it at all, or who don't see it every time. Perhaps they han've fully implemented the procramming yet.  


It's not on the main page of the listing form, it's on the final page where you launch the listing:


Community Member
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎10-05-2011

Re: how does the automatic relisting 3 times work

in reply to nobody*s_perfect

OKAY SO...the problem is...the item is relisted without consent and will it be duplicated if i see all my unsold items and i relist them?  anybody know??

Community Member
Posts: 20,860
Registered: ‎02-15-2011

Re: how does the automatic relisting 3 times work

in reply to yousnoozeulose2012
I don't think so as in the generic eBay selling page it will have a note next to it that it's been automatically relisted.

The only way I can see a seller relisting and having dupes would be if they used SM or SMP and had their unsolds set to "all" as the eBay relisted note wouldn't show up.

Hopefully even then you would get error messages re dupes when you went to submit

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