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Community Member
how can i change the 500 usa dollar limit, I want to sale more items. But i read you have over the 10 products, and maxium 500 dollar
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎11-06-2012

You can not submit your listing due to the following problems
You've reached your selling limits on the US eBay site.

On the US eBay site you can sell up to 10 items or up to $500 per month, whichever comes first.

Although you’ve reached your limits in the US, you may still be eligible to list items domestically.


how do i removed this

Other Answers: 6
Community Member
Posts: 128
Registered: ‎09-30-2005
in reply to corrie2020

If you want feedback you should give feedback


My Mother in law opened an account 2 months ago she went from 10 items to 30 items and a few days ago she is up to 100 items a month took 2 mouths..


But I heard people complain on the answer center they been doing it a year ith no limit change so it's hard to say.


Be a good seller and it will come quick I say...

Good luck and have fun... Blue

When life gives you scraps make a Quilt...
Community Member
Posts: 26,866
Registered: ‎01-23-2011
in reply to corrie2020

I just checked your listings. You like Madonna, huh? It may help you get some feedback if you will actually leave some for your buyers when they pay for your items.


Less than half of the buyers will ever leave any type of feedback, and that will decrease if you don't leave it for them. There is no reason at all to wait for them to leave it for you. Positive feedback is the ONLY type a buyer can get.

Community Member
Posts: 2,754
Registered: ‎12-06-2007
in reply to corrie2020

You don't remove it.  There are no loopholes.  You sell within the limits until ebay says you have enough sales and good feedback (which varies by secret formula) to sell outside of your locale.  Have you tried listing closer to you in Europe?

Community Member
Posts: 4,413
Registered: ‎09-30-2006
in reply to corrie2020

You will NOT get around the limits, as you shouldn't.


Limits are in place for a reason..............You have a while to go:



Community Member
Posts: 17,776
Registered: ‎06-25-2012
in reply to corrie2020

You need to get a lot of positive feedback.  Right now you are showing zero feedback so eBay will not let you sell a lot until you prove yourself as a good seller.  Without feedback eBay has nothing to go on.

Community Member
Posts: 26,866
Registered: ‎01-23-2011
in reply to corrie2020

The way you remove the limits:


Sell consistently and give good customer service for a few months, and the limit will be raised.


With continuing good custome service, it will eventually be removed.


You can also get a higher limit by getting a confirmed address, adding a bank account to your ebay AND paypal account, adding a credit card to both accounts for backup payments.


You can also call and ask ebay to increase you limits, but they will not for at least 2 months of perfect marks.


Ebay sets seller limits for all new sellers to protect the buyers on the site. Welcome aboard. Ebay is the largest sales site on the internet, with the most buyers by far. Read the rules and if you need help, come back and ask here.