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Community Member
do all authentic louis vuitton bags have serial numbers
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎08-25-2009

I purchased a louis vuitton bag from an estate sale the lady told me it is real and the lady was a radio host.It even came with a louis vuitton potato sack type thing.i just cant find a serial number on it.It zips up real nice and everything.

Other Answers: 5
Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎10-22-2013
in reply to brucebrucehrb2009

My sister recommend me site http://www.authenticlouisvuittonbags.com. I purchased monogram canvas artsy. The handle color has changed into honey brown and it has the date code inside. It is AUTHENTIC bag. It only cost 250USD. The customer service is wonderful!!

Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-14-2013
in reply to brucebrucehrb2009

I have purchased 4 purses and 5 wallets from www.authenticlouisvuittonhandbags1.com. I always get the package in 6 days from date of order, with free shipping and no tax fee.
I got the artsy purse I got from this site to Louis Vuitton store for check. They told me it is authentic. I took the pictures when I got it. I will attach the pictures to you. The handle is really comfortable. Now the handle color has changed into honey brown.

This site got many good customer feedback. You could check http://www.authenticlouisvuittonhandbags1.com/reviews.html. I could not decide whether to believe this site. After I read the reviews, I decided to try it.When I got the first package, I was surprised, an authentic Louis Vuitton artsy at only 250USD!

I share nice shopping experience on Louis Vuitton. Hope will help you!

Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎10-17-2007
in reply to brucebrucehrb2009

No.  Per the Louis Vuitton company (California) some bags do not in fact have a serial or any other number.  A stellar example is the Keepall Bandouliere 55 duffle bag.  Some of the older bags of this type are marked (those have a fabric interior).  The newer ones (pigskin interior) may not be marked at all.  When in doubt, call the company. I did.

Community Member
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎12-28-2011
in reply to brucebrucehrb2009

Post pictures of it on the Discussion Board for "Shoes, Purses and Fashion Accessories".  Those ladies know alot about LV bags.

Community Member
Posts: 1,317
Registered: ‎02-04-2009
in reply to brucebrucehrb2009

They have date codes, normally a small leather tag

early eighties tags differ from 90's tags

tags also called serial numbers letters are coded for country made in numbers are month and year. Through out the years these have changed by LV to help from fakes. There are some vintage bags that do not have DC, most all 90's do. If the bag has an inside zipper look inside linning down approx 1 to 2" from bottom of pocket liner on side. or inside liner of bag down towards bottom, some are hard to find.

All fakes nowaday's all have them as well. Best way to tell is by matching your idential style from the series and year to known authentic ones, if the originals do have tags there you go. LV also has a vero account, see if they have an email for authenticity questions. There are websites that will authenticate for you as well, make sure if you do take the item to an LV store DO NOT let them know where it was purchased from. LV rep will tell you if it was purchased from certain sites they don't bother to research they deem it a fake without looking. So not telling them how you purchased it will have nothing to do with opinon. The opinon will be based on the facts of the item.

(learned that one the hard way myself)