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Community Member
Why can an Ebay seller take an item off after the bidding process starts and why can't bidders submit corresponding feedback?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-08-2009

How can a seller get away with pulling a product out of circulation for no reason, after the bidding process starts?

There were no disclaimers saying it was also offered locally and no reserve price posted.


This is happenning more often over the last few months and we can't leave corresponding, negative feedback, because the item wasn't actually won or shipped.


If you're bidding in good faith on one item and you can't afford to bid on a duplicate that's also available in case you win them both, you wind up with nothing.


If a buyer wins a bid and decides to change his mind, he has repercussions to deal with.

From what I can see, nothing happens to these sellers and they simply are allowed to continue selling other items.

We buyers who were stung by this practisc, have no way of warning others about bad sellers.


This has happenned to me several times in the past month or so and I'd really like to hear why no one at Ebay is doing anything about it, except allowing me to vent my frustrations right here.



Remaxrocker Bob


p.s... I've been hitting the "post" button for a few minites now and it looks like I'm talking to deaf ears, because it won't respond.... great.....

Other Answers: 9
Community Member
Posts: 4,413
Registered: ‎09-30-2006
in reply to remaxrockerbob

Feedback is for transactions that have taken place between buyer & seller.  NOT because you do not like the way something is being handled.


Starting in October sellers that end listings early will now get  hit with a fee for doing so.  This may or may not stop some of them.



Community Member
Posts: 585
Registered: ‎10-02-2008
in reply to remaxrockerbob

Sellers can cancel the listings and end the auction as long as there is still minimum 12 hours remaining in the listing.

Of course you can not leave feedback, (and thank God), because there is no transaction between you and the seller unless you are a winner.

Community Member
Posts: 8,591
Registered: ‎06-06-2011
in reply to remaxrockerbob

in simple terms...feedback is for completed transactions.

read this for more info



Community Member
Posts: 1,015
Registered: ‎03-06-2009
in reply to remaxrockerbob

There are reasons why. Or for me a reason, that being that the item was damaged during final inspection and packing. But as stated the item and listing is the sellers until it is sold and their's to do as they please.

Community Member
Posts: 47,850
Registered: ‎05-11-2005
in reply to remaxrockerbob

Yes, that's right--you can't leave Feedback unless you win an item (not sure what you think shipping has to do with leaving FB).

And a disclaimer isn't even allowed.

Bascially a seller can cancel  bid(s)/end listing because the item is still his. But eBay has also noticed that this is happening too much. So come fall, eBay will charge a fee to sellers who do this.

Community Member
Posts: 13,483
Registered: ‎02-18-2003
in reply to remaxrockerbob

The item belongs to the seller until someone pays him for it, therefor he do as he pleases with it. eBay will soon charge him a fvf if he pulls it early, how much effect that will have remains to be seen.


Feedback is meant for a buyer to express how he felt about the seller and vice versa, sort of since sellers have been prohibited from leaving honest feedback for years. No transaction, no feedback.


Site Map at bottom of page is there for a reason, try it!
Community Member
Posts: 585
Registered: ‎10-02-2008
in reply to remaxrockerbob

Should have said cancel the bids.

Community Member
Posts: 12,170
Registered: ‎02-13-2006
in reply to remaxrockerbob

You are NOT speaking to eBay here.

No eBay employees read or answer at the Answer Center.


You ZOOMED right past the info at the top of the page:


The Answer Center is the place for eBay buyers and sellers to ask fellow members questions about buying and selling on eBay.


Yes - sellers can do that.  Item is STILL THEIRS to decide to sell or not sell.

For now.


Come October - they will be charged a fee when they do - but that won't deter all sellers who do that.

Community Member
Posts: 602
Registered: ‎10-18-2008
in reply to remaxrockerbob



It looks like eBay WAS listening to complaints like yours because starting in Oct sellers are required to pay a fee for ending auctions early.