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Community Member
How do I put quantity when i'm listing an item that i have more then on?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎07-15-2012

I have an item that I'm selling more then one of and don't know how to get the quanity listed so when they purchase the item tey can say how many they want.

Other Answers: 4
Community Member
Posts: 13,380
Registered: ‎09-25-2011
in reply to tbellphotography
Community Member
Posts: 86
Registered: ‎04-05-2010
in reply to tbellphotography

I suggest you cancel your listings & learn how to sell before you make huge mistakes, loose money and/or get kicked off ebay.


As said above, in most categories, the BIN disappears once somebody places a bid. You only get one bidder & you will be selling it for the starting bid price.


Those Peavey speakers listing is a good example of how NOT to list something. You can't list mulple sets in an auction style listing. You can only list quantities in a fixed price format.


End those listings & read, read read! Always start your listings at the LEAST you will take for an item. If you want to add a BIN to it, then make the BIN a little more then 10% higher then the starting price.


That way if you only get one bidder, you will get the price you want you want. If somebody would use the BIN, then you can smile a little because you got 10% more then you wanted.

Ignorance is not a disease ..... It's a choice!
Community Member
Posts: 24,730
Registered: ‎01-20-2005
in reply to tbellphotography

I notice there is quite a difference between the auction starting price and the Buy It Now price on your speakers. Are you aware that if you get one bid, you will be obligated to complete the transaction at that starting price?

Community Member
Posts: 65,528
Registered: ‎05-11-2005
in reply to tbellphotography

You would have listed as Fixed Price format in order to have a quantity of more than one. Auctions are for single item.