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Payment Reminder Automated Email


Payment Reminder Automated Email

Apparently SMP sent out payment reminder emails to all of our old and completed sales for the last 60 days. These are sales that have long since been shipped and in many cases have feedback left or received.

This has caused our phone lines to go crazy today. Anyone else have the problem, or is this an isolated incident.


Re: Payment Reminder Automated Email

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Our company has had all sorts of issues with SMP.. (can't bulk edit, relist) I called our ebay rep and all they end up doing is recommending turbo lister. You might call your rep if you have one and let him know the error. I haven't herd of this one yet. But with ebay changing so many of their formats and looks they are creating a lot of glitches. They may need to be informed of the issue...I hope it helps.

Re: Payment Reminder Automated Email

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Hi Chris,
I checked on your Sold Items and couldn't find any indication of Payment Reminder Emails being sent after the Paid date. Feedback Reminder emails were sent out, but not Payment Reminder.

Can you please indicate the item numbers ( or Sales Record Number) for which you believe a Payment Reminder was sent out wrongly?.

This will help us in understanding the problem and identifying it.