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Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-16-2007

Buyer paid - Ebay says Awaiting Payment - PP not linked to account

I recently sold a camera lens as Buy It Now. The person who purchased it and ended my auction sent the only payment type accepted: Paypal. My seller account shows 1 item sold and the ammount. The screen also shows that I am awaiting payment on the item. When I click More Options and run down to View Paypal Payment I am taken to a Paypal screen that says I have received payment and need to create a Paypal account.

Now, I have a Paypal account so I logged in and show no record of payment received. I got to looking around in the profile and learned that you have to link to your seller account from ebay (its not just sent to that email address matched with Paypal.) I have since added my ebay account to Paypal but I am stuck now in a loop.

Ebay says awaiting payment. Paypal's page on Ebay says I have received payment but don't have a Paypal account, thus needing to create one. My paypal account that has a primary email address the same as the email address listed in the auction is not showing the payment.

I sent a message off to Ebay for help and they said it was Paypal's issue. They sent it to Paypal. Paypal responded that I need to add my ebay account into Paypal. Even if my account info for ebay wasn't in there it still doesn't answer my problem of the buyer sending the money to me and me not receiving it, or can't.

Any help?
Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎04-23-2007

Buyer paid - Ebay says Awaiting Payment - PP not linked to account

in reply to robertbaker27
I will get an e-mail from paypal with the transaction completed saying you have funds or item has been paid for.
Iv had it where Ebay says its still waiting for payment, yet I go into Pay Pal and see the transaction & funds are there. Thats been recent, but has not happened for some time.If pay pal says the funds are not there then they are not and the item has not been paid for or there is something goofy.

Iv learned not to E-mail ebay or do chat support, but to pick up a phone and talk to a human lol..

Its So much faster and then that way you can ask all the questions you need to.
They have been a really big help for me over the phone compared to an e-mail.

Same with Pay Pal, call them and talk with someone. Its usually a better help. Well for me anyways, i had to call pay pal today and she explained everything and took me step by step of what I was not understanding.

I'd e-mail the person who bought your camera and explain your working things out so you can send it as soon as possible, and then also call Pay Pal, check your e-mail for Pay Pals transaction complete, and also call Ebay to see whats up.

Good luck!
Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-07-2008

Buyer paid - Ebay says Awaiting Payment - PP not linked to account

in reply to robertbaker27
hi, i have exactly the same problem now, however my paypal account is linked to my ebay account because ive sold items before and it has been fine but at the moment i sold 2 items and they both say awaiting payment but there is nowhere on the paypal account that shows any activity of any money comming in, did you manage to sort it out in the end? i would be very grateful if you could tell me how you fixed it.
cheers Peter
Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎09-18-2012

Re: Buyer paid - Ebay says Awaiting Payment - PP not linked to account

in reply to robertbaker27

hey fellow ebay users i paid 41.10 dollars on a transformers energon optimus prime and it says awaiting payment and i know good and well i paid me and mom did together so should i call ebay or the police

Community Member
Posts: 7,279
Registered: ‎02-18-2005

Re: Buyer paid - Ebay says Awaiting Payment - PP not linked to account

in reply to robertbaker27

You need to check the email addresses for payment that are on th actual listings. Use Sell Similar and then scroll down to check them.

This email must exactly match the one linked to PayPal. It must have been confirmed when you linked it (they send an email to it with instructions) your eBay and PayPal accounts must also be linked.

One typo of an extra space will stop funds from transferring even though My eBay and emails may say you've been paid.

Never ship until PayPal shows payment Completed and OK to SHIP.

Many sellers are making typos with their payment emails using mobile apps. Errors also occur when changing ISPs. Sellers don't leave their old emails linked and the Sell Your Item form embeds them by default.

Never rely on eBay nor emails for accurate payment information.

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