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Automated Feedback not working


Automated Feedback not working

I use selling manager pro, and I have selected the option to leave feedback as soon as someone leaves me positive feedback. I changed all the feedback comments to my own and deleted the generic ebay feedback comments. Its still leaving the generic ebay comments and its not using mine. I have checked with ebay - they keep saying they are going to fix the problem (its been 3 months now). I have tried everything. My feedback comments are fine as they have been checked by ebay staff, I have changed a few options on the automated feedback option such as leaving positive feedback as soon as someone pays me, but nothing works. Any ideas?


Re: Automated Feedback not working

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Hi get_yours_2007,
Are you using some other account to log in, as this account is not a registered SM user?.Can you share the other account's log in ID since this would help us to debug the issue?.