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Should I accept a return?


Should I accept a return?

I had a customer purchase some uniform scrubs from me and they stated that they misread the discription and they thought they would be receiving a bigger size even though it's clearly stated as to what size everything was. The buyer wants to return it, eve though I don't accept returns. Should I consider excepting it or just tell them no?

Re: Should I accept a return?

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It is really up to you. ..but you may receive a neutral or negative feedback.

If I were in your situation, I would try to help the buyer but let the buyer compesate for original shipping and 10-20% restocking fee for your relisting fee, packing materials, gas to the post office and buyer would have to pay return shipping with tracking info.  Let the buyer know that you have a no return policy stated in the listing but you would like to help only if buyer can accept to take over your loss for accepting this return.

Be nice to buyer and hopefully they will cooperate with you Smiley Happy