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Disputes when paid by Bill Me Later


Disputes when paid by Bill Me Later

Hi everyone!


I recently made a large purchase using bill-me-later. When the item came, the item, which was supposed to have been custom made for me, was clearly NOT what I had ordered, and clearly NOT made for me. There is absolutely no way that I can use this item. I contacted the seller, who refused any follow-up. I want to file a complaint and try to get my money back, but when I tried using ebay Buyer Protection, the page said I needed to open a dispute through Paypal. When I went on my paypal page, the transaction was not listed because I bought it using Bill Me Later. I only have 4 days left to file a complaint, but ebay is making it very difficult. How do I file a complaint when I purchased an item through Bill-Me-Later?


Re: Disputes when paid by Bill Me Later

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you click on the item in you bml , then file the dispute with pay pal.

i'd be calling both ebay and pay pal as the payment was through pay pal

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