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defected item

 i have purchased an item  from china, it coast me around $217 dollars, however the item the seller sent me is defected item. i asked seller to provide me with pre-paid shipping lable and issue me a full refund. however the seller does not speak english and giving me weired answers and the seller responding me back in chinese. i have contacted seller many times through message but same answers. the seller is giving me the sellers facebook link and asking me to like the link. its driving me crazy. i really want my money back please help me what to do case like this.


seller is ignoring my problem and question and keep giving me weired false information and not even thinking to resolve problem.

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in reply to sarahhxbabee




Just follow eBay procedure as others have said.

You can read all the details here:

Item Not Received or Significantly Not as Described Process



And BTW, the seller in China cannot send you a  USPS prepaid label that you could use, even if they wanted to do that.

There is no USPS in China.

There is a totally different currency and postal system. A return label from their postal  system would be useless to you.



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in reply to sarahhxbabee

You have 45 days from EOA/payment to file an Item Not As Described dispute... don't allow the seller to stall you beyond this time limitation.


Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs, but the eventual refund includes the shipping you originally paid.  You must return the item with on-line viewable proof of delivery (tracking) to win an eBay dispute.  It's going to be expensive returning this to China, but these are the policies.


Good luck!

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in reply to sarahhxbabee

Is this the doll? You may get some help from ebay on this; the seller has misrepresented the item location as "default, HK, United States"


That certainly implies it's in the US, but on the seller's page they are listed as being in Hong Kong. Hopefully when you open the "Item Not as Described" case you can indicate that you shouldn't have to pay international return shipping with tracking as the item was supposedly in the US.


If you look at their "feedback left for others" they appear to be rather fluent in English.

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in reply to sarahhxbabee

You are required to pay the return shipping...not the seller.

That is policy and is most likely even posted in the listing.


The seller will also not send you a refund until the item is returned.....nor should he. No seller, that knows what they are doing, is going to give you a refund, return shipping and hope you send an item back.


You also are not allowed to demand anything outside of the transaction...and return shipping is outside of the transaction.




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in reply to sarahhxbabee

The seller is not required to provide you with return shipping. In fact it is eBay policy for the buyer to pay it.  Stop with the confusing messaging and simply return the item, with some form of delivery confirmation.