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What to do if a buyer doesn't pay.. Can I re-list and exclude him from bidding on my items every again?

Buyer hasn't paid yet.   How many days to I have to give him to pay?  Can I re-list the item and lock him out of bidding on my item again?   His failure to pay is costing me time and money.

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in reply to dhen7213

You can put this person in your "Blocked Bidder List".


After 4 full days, open an Upaid Item Dispute. The buer will have another 4 full days to pay. If no payment after these 8 full days, close the case and you can re-list if you like.

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It will be 8 days from end of auction before you can relist.


After 4 days, start the Unpaid Item Process. Close it 4 days later

read here

Unpaid Item Process

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What to do when a buyer doesn't pay (unpaid item process)





Blocking Bidders