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Does eBay purchase protection cover cell phones, if they can't be activated due to a bad ESN?

Specifically, I'm looking at some smartphones.  If a listing doesn't explicitly say "Good ESN" or "ESN is clear", should I assume it isn't?  If I buy a phone despite it not explicitly saying "Good ESN", and it ends up being non-activatable due to bad ESN, would eBay purchase protection cover it?  Thanks!

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in reply to johnsdad55

Yes, you are covered for 45 days under the buyer protection program.


You need to realize that many Asian sellers have recently been using bait and switch tactics lately, and even though you are completely covered, if there is a problem from an international purchase, you are required to return it at your cost WITH full delivery confirmation, which is only available to China or most other countries with the Global Express option in USPS, and the minimum cost will be over $40.