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Community Member
Class Action Lawsuit against ebay for discrimination against seller
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎05-14-2009

I was restricted to my account due to selling Uktraviolet codes to movies I have legally purchased. I was sinled out as there are hundreds of other listings for the same thing. I have contacted ACLU and they are willing to take the case. I tried contacting ebay, but I just got their forein phone lines with no clue to my discrimination.,

Other Answers: 9
Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-25-2009
in reply to niceguy753

He does have one point........there are a ton of completed auction sales where the only thing for sale was the ultraviolet code from a dvd package. How his was "chosen" and others go through is a mystery.

Community Member
Posts: 25,168
Registered: ‎01-23-2011
in reply to niceguy753

good luck widdat. The ACLU? Are you suing for human rights violations? Are you aware that selling codes is strictly prohibited in the rules? You have very little chance with this one unless you find an area that is NOT clearly restricted. It might have been a better idea to just learn the rules of what is allowed to be sold.

Community Member
Posts: 471
Registered: ‎08-03-2005
in reply to niceguy753

Ow, I think I pulled a muscle.  Thanks for the chuckle!

Community Member
Posts: 48,065
Registered: ‎05-11-2005
in reply to niceguy753


But here's what you do--have their lawyers contact eBay's lawyers. That's how lawsuits work, you know. (Didn't ACLU tell you that?) Not by you calling eBay CS.

And good luck with all this. 


Community Member
Posts: 8,625
Registered: ‎08-25-2006
in reply to niceguy753

I wasn't sure what an ultraviolet code for a movie was....


You are selling the digital code that came with the Blu-Ray.

Then I see you email the code to the buyer - that's a violation.


Whether you were singled out or not, is not the issue.


You were violating policy and infringing on the copyright owners rights by reselling the digital code that was not intended to be resold.


You have other issues with your feedback and DSRs as well.


Good luck.


Community Member
Posts: 2,097
Registered: ‎02-12-2009
in reply to niceguy753

not clear here...


you're being singled out but want to start a class-action? those or for large groups of folks (not singles).


don't break the listing rules because others are. they'll eventually be singled out too. then you can all start a class-action lawsuit together.

Community Member
Posts: 9,925
Registered: ‎10-07-2005
in reply to niceguy753

THE ACLU? Are you serious? :smileysurprised:


How were your civil liberties infringed upon because you were violating ebay policy? I don't believe for a second that the ACLU would bother with this.

*Listen to the music playing in your head*
Community Member
Posts: 1,466
Registered: ‎05-16-2006
in reply to niceguy753

And your question is.....?


"if they actually agreed to take this on."


They didn't. OP is just name dropping.


There was another seller here a few months ago claiming discrimination as if ebay knows personal information about you to discriminate against you. They don't.


OP, unless you see a nativity scene on the courthouse lawn or someone says "God bless you" and you want to sue them, the ACLU will have nothing to do with you.

Community Member
Posts: 4,880
Registered: ‎03-10-2007
in reply to niceguy753

You were "discriminated" against because you chose not to follow the rules that everyone else on eBay must follow?  Seriously?  You must not have told the ACLU the whole story if they actually agreed to take this on.  If everyone must follow the same rules, it's not discrimination to enforce those rules.

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