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Can a seller get my personal e-mail address from ebay? A seller that I purchased from a while ago sent me an e-mail soliciting an item?

How did he get my personal e-mail address?

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in reply to dreasue5963

All of the above is true but it is still against ebay policy for that seller to have sent you an unsolicited email, just against policy, nothing they can do about it.

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in reply to dreasue5963

When ebay sends an email saying an item sold, the buyer's email address, physical address, and user ID are all in the email.


When Pay Pal sends an email and says the item has been paid for, it has the buyer's email address and physical address.


If two people are in a transaction, either one can go to Advanced and get the other one's contact information, including telephone number.

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in reply to dreasue5963

sellers have access to their buyer's email addresses