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Community Member
Upside down photos
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎09-11-2013

Ebay is forcing my photos to be upside down. I tried sending upside down ones, hoping they would then show as right side up but alas, they are all still upside down.

Other Answers: 4
Community Member
Posts: 6,800
Registered: ‎12-04-2008
in reply to 7pablo

This is just a shot in the dark, as I do not know much about it, and I could be completely wrong.


Perhaps eBay is reading the EXIF tag and forcing it into a certain orientation?


Try using software to remove or reset the EXIF tag.


Google "exif tag" "upside down"  and you will find quite a bit of info.

Community Member
Posts: 3,197
Registered: ‎08-07-2012
[ Edited ]
in reply to 7pablo

The Panasonic listing does look as if it's upside down. The Apple listing looks like it may be sideways. I have seen some limited info about picture quality and I have heard that eBay may be getting ready to enforce it. Makes me wonder if they're working on the programming.

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Community Member
Posts: 1,805
Registered: ‎08-04-2011
in reply to 7pablo

really ebay is forcing your photo to be upside down?


i doubt that is possible, are you sure?...i saw no upside down ones..



Community Member
Posts: 10,160
Registered: ‎07-03-2003
[ Edited ]
in reply to 7pablo

eBay is not doing anything new or wrong.


Your photos are upside down because you held your camera or  iPad or cellphone upside down. I take upside down photos all the time with my iPad because it's hard to tell up from down on a pad that smooth.


A few cameras have a device that detects whether you have tilted or rotated your camera. The camera will store that information as EXIF data in the image, which then tells your photo viewer how to rotate the photo back to the way you were holding the camera when you took the picture. So your upside down pictures are probably rotated correctly on the viewer on your computer.


But eBay doesn't read EXIF data, so they don't rotate it from upside down to the orientation you held your camera.  You will have to rotate the photo yourself in a photo editor before you upload to eBay.


Alternatively, if you use eBay's new Enhanced image uploader, or Flash-based standard uploader, you can rotate within the uploader.


7pablo wrote:

I tried sending upside down ones, hoping they would then show as right side up but alas, they are all still upside down.

That is because the EXIF data was altered, but not the physical image, and eBay ignores EXIF data. You need to rotate the physical image in an image editor, not in the file viewer.



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