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I want to change product images in bulk at a time.



actually, I revised product images of my exist listing. so, I want to change product images in bulk at a time.because I have so many listing. it would take so long time if I change them indivisually. When I search it, I haven't find yet exact answers. I list my items using selling manager pro tool. I don't know how to use turbo lister, but If you can tell me how to using the program I will try. I want to learn more easy way to control my listings.


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in reply to mydialand

Open the "Listing Management" line on this page to see some options:



If you can place your photos on a server, the easiest way to bulk update all the photos is through eBay's FileExchange. The CSV file would require only a an item number, action, and a URL for the replacement photo, like this:


Action, ItemID, PicURL



The FileExchange forum may be helpful


For Photos, HTML, CSS and template questions, please visit the Tools & Apps forum.
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Photos cannot be bulk edited. They have to be downloaded to each listing individually. Ebay has been warning about photo size for well over a year; and today is the day they are removing listings that are not in compliance. Good luck. Here is a tool that I used to fix mine: