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Registered: ‎09-11-2009
I am trying too resolve an issue with a seller about an item i received that was not as shown in sellers pict. It not made correctly . I

I ask for a refund & seller wants me too send a picture of the items I received & I can't figure out how do that. I have taken a picture & it is in my gallery in my personal e-mail. I want too know how I can do that. thanks pconner429

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in reply to pconner429

You find out the seller's email address and you attach the picture in your email to the seller.

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in reply to pconner429

Go to the eBay message that was forwarded to your regular email. Reply to that email (do not click the yellow button to return to eBay). Just reply normally.


When you reply to that copy in your regular email, you can attach a photo from your computer using the paperclip option or whatever method your email supplies for attachments.


Make sure that the attached photos are not too large because eBay only allows a total of 2MB of data per message. If your photos are huge, you may need to send only one per response.


The message will go to your seller through eBay Messages so that eBay will have an audit trail of the conversation should a dispute arise. The photos won't appear in eBay Messages, but will continue on to display in their regular email at the other end.


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