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Registered: ‎06-14-2010
How can I upload a photo for a case resolution issue

I have a photo of an item that would not upload to the resolution center last night when i opend a case.

Where can i upload this photo for the claim center to see?

Can somoene please help wih this issue?

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in reply to dhmblondy1027

It is not possible to send a photo to the resolution center directly. If eBay wanted it they would request it.


You CAN attach it to an email to the Seller via eBay Messaging Center - eBay can read those if need be.

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in reply to dhmblondy1027

If the seller doesn't agree to take it back for a refund then open a SNAD case. There is no need to send pictures to the resolution center. Even if you could ebay wouldn't use the pictures to make a decision anyways. They have no way of knowing if that is even the same item the seller sent you. 99.9% of resolution cases are determined by bots and not by humans.