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Community Member
Buyer Changed Mind
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-12-2013

Question - 


I had a buyer do a Buy it Now on an item I had listed. They paid immediately and I shipped the item out and it's on the way to the buyer. My listing states clearly no returns, so they knew that going in.


24 hours later, the buyer contacts me (via eBay messaging) and says they've changed their mind and decided they don't want the item and they want to cancel the sale. They literally put that in the email. The reason they don't want it is because they "changed their mind".


I sent a response back apologizing, advising that I had already shipped the item the day before, so I can't cancel. It was a very nice response.


The thing that bothers me, is this person is also an eBay seller that's been on eBay for over 15 years, so they clearly know how eBay works.


I did tell them that they'd probably have no problem re-selling it on eBay since they are also an eBay seller and it's a really popular item. That's really the only option I could give them.


Am I looking at negative feedback or this person lying and doing a fake item not described case when they've already admitted in writing that they don't want it because they simply changed their mind? 


Did I do the right thing by telling them no since I'd already shipped it?


Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks! Smiley Happy

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Community Member
Posts: 12,347
Registered: ‎04-02-2008
[ Edited ]
in reply to wedwards377

Of course you can't send the buyer eBay's Cancel Transaction Request, since you've already shipped.  The buyer would have to return the package to you (at his expense), and you'd have to refund, first.


Never assume a buyer is going to want to resell an item, just because he also sells on eBay.  Also don't assume that your No Returns policy holds water on eBay... a buyer dispute for an Item Not As Described will defeat you, even if it is for buyer's remorseSmiley Sad


As far as negative feedback... as an eBay seller, that's possible when a buyer is tickled pink with the transaction, let alone dismayed.  Don't ficus on that issue, or you'll drive yourself crazy.  Instead, contact the buyer and tell him to return the item for a refund, then let the chips fall where they fall... good luck!

Graciously grin when you growl...

Community Member
Posts: 22,078
Registered: ‎01-13-2011
in reply to wedwards377

You advised the buyer that item is already shipped.  That is fine.  The problem with a No Return Policy is that it can encourage a buyer to file an Item Not as Described Case if they feel they have no alternative.  I also think that a seller that accepts returns encourages buyer confidence and more sales.

Community Member
Posts: 7,102
Registered: ‎02-01-2011
in reply to wedwards377

If the buyer refuses delivery,that prevents any case from being filed.

But if you get that item back, you had better refund the buyer.

Rocked My Socks Off on that one
Community Member
Posts: 26,866
Registered: ‎01-23-2011
in reply to wedwards377

I usually agree with Leo Spride on their answers; but not this time.


You have a message from the buyer admitting to a buyer's remorse cancellation request. The item has already been shipped. If they demand a refund now, unless they file an item not as described case; ebay will NOT force you to accept a return or refund the payment.


Usually it is a poor business plan to fail to offer returns on ebay, but there are times when it works out OK. This would be one of them.