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paypal won't let me choose a credit card for payment

Why won't PayPal let me choose a credit card for payment? Typically by default the payment  method is my checking account. When making a payment would click on change payment type and I could choose my credit card, now the credit card option is gone. My card is good and only thing different with my PayPal account is that I now have a positive balance in my account; does this make the difference?


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in reply to 95prostar205

Paypal balance must be used before any other options are available.

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in reply to 95prostar205

When you have an available balance in your Paypal account, Paypal will use it before allowing you to use your credit card.


If the balance is not high enough to cover the entire payment, Paypal will use the balance & want to cover the remaining amount with your bank account.

You can use the change link to select your credit card to cover the remaining amount.