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paypal instant transfer returned

i made a couple of payments through instant transfer and had the wrong bank account on there and there is not money in that one.the bank reversed the payment for lack of funds and my debit card is the backup source and its linked to that bank.my ? is after the payments come back and they try to run the backup source and that fails do they put that in a negative balance till i cover it with a new card im gonna put on file or how does it work..

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in reply to waternurse2001

1.  Contact your seller(s) to let them know what happened.

2.  Call Paypal for their assistance.

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in reply to waternurse2001

A credit card should always be used to avoid this problem.


Your bank is likely going to charge you fees....


A credit card is safer to buy with too. Gives you additional consumer protections above and beyond eBay's Buyer Protection...

Never rely on eBay nor emails for accurate payment information.

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