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how to set a Paypal account to receive money from stuff sold on eBay. 2Paypal accounts.

I want to switch from my 1st paypal account to the second so all the money of whatever i sell goes to the 2nd account.

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Need more information.


PayPal allows sellers to have two accounts: one Personal and one Premier.

eBay mandates sellers use their Premier account.


Sellers cannot "PayPal legally" have two Premier accounts.


Tell us more.


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The payments MUST go to the account that is the Premier (or Business) account.

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Payments are sent to the email address (PayPal account number is your registered email address) that you enter into the selling form when you list items for sale.




The selling form will default to the previous email address so you must watch it carefully when you list.


If you use Sell Similar or Relist or Turbo Lister or a template they will all upload the old address.


Best solution would be to add the old address to your new account and create an entirely new address for the old account. You can have 8 emails linked to one account.


I'm assuming you've been using a Personal account and now wish to comply with the rules by using a Premier or Business account.....


Never rely on eBay nor emails for accurate payment information.

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