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Registered: ‎10-11-2012
how long does it take to process a payment?

I just sold an item on Ebay on the buyer paid via paypal. How long does it take for paypal to process that payment?


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in reply to radtechn9ne

Hi.  It takes about 1 milli second for the payment to your account UNLESS they paid with a bank transfer from their bank account to pay pal (E-check).   E-checks take a minimum of about 4 BUSINESS days (does not include weekends or holidays).  We just had a long holiday weekend so past saturday, sunday & Monday do not count as any of the 4 business days.   Then it can take longer than 4 business days it there is a problem at their bank being able to transfer the payment.


Then there is a pay pal 21 day hold for new unrated sellers like you.   Pay pal will hold the payment UNTIL EITHER the delivery confirmation or tracking # you posted into the ended listing (posts there automatically if you print labels via ebay or pay pal) OR 21 days if no tracking or delivery confirmation is provided.


Good luck, Jim

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in reply to radtechn9ne

Not sure what you mean by "process." As a new seller, you will be subject to having your payments held.

The buyer paid. And the payment is in your PayPal account? You are being told to Ship?

If so, then you ship, with proof of delivery that is viewable online (like Delivery Confirmation). Once the item is delivered, PP will release your $.


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in reply to radtechn9ne

Check your paypal account.   If the buyer really paid, the money will be there as Paypal processes payments immediately.


If the buyer paid by echeck, paypal will show the payment as not cleared and will tell you to wait for the check to clear before shipping.


If the buyer did not pay at all, there will be no transaction in Paypal.