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Registered: ‎04-28-2013
how long does it take to get money from paypal?

my product sold and the paymt was recieved by paypal. The item was shiped the next day. the item was rcieved on tursday. it is now saturday and my funds STILL arent available! how long does this company hold our money for? is thereany other way to recieve payments besids thru this company ;paypal? they are no 'pal' of mine

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in reply to panu6155

Did you read any information on the Paypal hold?


Do you have delivery confirmation?

Does it show delivered?

Did you call Paypal to let them know it was delivered?


If you didn't have delivery confirmation, you must wait the 21 days.

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in reply to panu6155

Did you ship with tracking so you can prove that the item was delivered?

If so, the funds should become available about three days after delivery.

If you didn't, it will be 21 days.

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in reply to panu6155