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how does a seller give a partial refund?

How does a seller give a partial refund?

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in reply to elizabta

You go to your sold items - on the left of your my ebay page under sell.  Find the item and on the right under more actions click on the paypal transaction.  Then in the middle of the page for the paypal transaction details will be the link to refund.  Be careful as the full amount is already inputted into the box - just highlight it and put in the partial amount.

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in reply to elizabta

To refund someone on  a purchase-in full or in part-you would go back to the payment source like Paypal and issue the refund.


If the money was paid from money in Paypal it will go back into Paypal.  if it was funded from  a credit card the refund will go back to the credit card.

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in reply to elizabta

As mentioned above, you will need to go back to the original transaction. If it was paypal, and you are on the page of the specific transaction you want to issue a refund for, there will be an option given, saying ISSUE REFUND. Then you are directed to another page, on which you are able to refund which ever sum you wish. Hope that helps!*;-) Ciao

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in reply to elizabta

The links to view PayPal transaction from eBay are often invalid.


Just login to PayPal and find the payment and click Details and then halfway down is the Refund Link.

Never rely on eBay nor emails for accurate payment information.

Login to PayPal!