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how do i transfer money from my e bay account into my paypal account?

I want to transfer money into paypal from e bay...how do i do this?

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in reply to 2012bpdmd1958

Your money goes to your Pay Pal account directly 

If you want to be sure the money is there and You should do that every time you have a transaction , go to your Pay Pal  account and check.

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You can request a refund from eBay if you have a credit balance on your eBay seller account.

When eBay issues a refund, it is applied to the payment method where it originated.  For example, if you made the payment with a credit card, the refund will go to that credit card.  If your credit originated from more than one payment method, you'll have a choice of where to send the refund.

Additional information is available at the following link...


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in reply to 2012bpdmd1958

Ebay does not hold your money.