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Registered: ‎03-22-2013
how do I fix my shipping address

I bought a couple of rings this morning.. When I got my confirmation notice they had the wrong address. They forgot to put Lot#36along with address 8008 W34th., Lubbock Tx. 79407 without the lot  number I wont get my shipment

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in reply to rod1279

YOU select the shipping address during checkout...THEY (whoever they is) did not.


Contact the seller immediately. Hopefully he hasn't shipped yet and will be willing to accommodate you. He will need to refund your payments, then you need to repay. When you checkout through eBay and click Pay Now, watch for your default shipping address to appear, then use the change link to add/select the one you want to use.


If it's too late, you'll need to figure out how to get the items to you from the address you provided.

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in reply to rod1279

"They" didn't forget anything. This is your mistake. The address you entered into your eBay account uploaded to PayPal at checkout. Quickly notify your seller. They will need to refund your payment and send you an invoice from which you will need to pay.


In the meantime, go to your eBay account and correct your address.


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in reply to rod1279

Contact your seller right away. Then check the address you have in your paypal account and make sure it's correct.