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Community Member
Accepted Solution
What do I do if my buyer is requesting my paypal ID?
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-18-2012

Hi all,


I've seen a couple answers to similar questions but would love some advice -- I just sold my first item on ebay, and my buyer is asking for me to send my paypal ID, or for me to request payment from his paypal email address.


The buyer should be able to see my paypal email address since he was the winning bidder, right? And anyway, why not just pay through ebay? I'm super worried because the item is pretty expensive (it's a macbook and selling for $1,700). But I can also see how my buyer is wary about sending that much money. The requested shipping address is in the US, as am I, and I have no reason to think the buyer isn't sincere -- I'm just confused.


Neither of us has any seller history, which makes it scarier.


What should I do?


Smiley Sad


Accepted Solution
Community Member
Posts: 2,143
Registered: ‎12-18-2003
in reply to rchristopher88

rc, you are a new seller of an expensive, popular item. You are a MAGNET for scammers!


The bidder is going to send you a spoofed email that will look as if you've been paid but if you check your Pay-pal account there will be no payment. They are trying to trick you....which is why they need your pay-pal email addy. ;-)


Just reply to them that they can pay right from the auction page, they just need to hit the "PAY NOW" button. ;-) You won't hear from them when they find out you aren't falling for the scam. Just file an unpaid item case on day 4 so you can recoup the fee's you paid to ebay for the sale.


Lastly..........VERY IMPORTANT - you MUST (and I repeat MUST) ship that Mac Book with online viewable SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION. If you don't, the buyer can claim they never got it and ebay will refund them. Regular delivery confirmation is not enough...use SC!

Other Answers: 3
Community Member
Posts: 8,117
Registered: ‎05-24-2009
in reply to rchristopher88



They want to send you a really real looking e-mail supposedly from PayPal telling you that you have been paid.

Good catch.


eBay sends an end of auction notice with a Pay Now button. All they have to do is pay now.


After four days of non payment, file in the resolution center to get your fees back and get them a strike, when they don't pay, and I doubt they will, you can relist.

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Community Member
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-18-2012
in reply to rchristopher88

Thanks so much for your replies -- looks like I am probably being scammed.


I've requested that he pay through Ebay, and we'll see what happens. The date of sale is 12/15, so I'll wait a couple days before I take any action.


I've thought of ebay as a service that protects the buyer from the seller, so I've been trying to be sympathetic to my buyer; maybe he got an error, maybe he wanted to confirm that I had a legitimate paypal account -- but I guess nothing is ever simple on the internet when there's more than 1k on the line.


But, seriously, thank you all for your replies. If you hadn't answered my question, I could have been seriously screwed in my eagerness to prove that I'm selling my item legitimately and in good faith.


You're restoring my hope in ebay!

Community Member
Posts: 65,528
Registered: ‎05-11-2005
in reply to rchristopher88

Why would you think making a PayPal payment for an eBay item would make the buyer wary? How would sending the payment to your PayPal ID be safer? It's not, since doing it that way has no eBay Buyer Protection.

this buyer is a scammer. He wants to trick you into thinking you have been paid by sending a bogus email supposedly from PayPal. So now you just tell him to pay the proper way--using the Pay Now button. Insist on that. If he makes a proper PayPal payment, then all is well. But I bet he doesn't. In which case, after 4 days, you can file for non-payment.