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Seller is not a registered user with Paypal. Pymt sent and his email address shows. Can not get him to claim funds so I can get my item.

Won auction, paid thru PayPal only to discover seller not a registered user. Payment to him is pending and unclaimed by him. Numerous emails trying to get him to understand how to claim the funds sent to his email address. Can not get any good answers from the seller as to why pymt is not claimed or he not registered. Want my item! Cannot open any kind of resolve with ebay because the item shows as unpaid. What can I do? I can cancel my pymt thru Paypal, offered to send a money order.

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in reply to balloflard54

That can only be fixed by your seller.  Do not pay any  other email address of mail a payment. You will lose your protection if you do.


The unclaimed payment will revert back to your account after 31 days if you don't cancel it first.


Is it a new seller?

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in reply to balloflard54

Item Number, please

(Maybe the seller accepts a different payment method than PayPal)



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in reply to balloflard54

The email address for payment he typed into his listing isn't registered to PayPal.


Could be old, a typo, not properly confirmed or linked. Only the seller can fix this. Or not.


Do not send a money order. You would void eBay Buyer Protection.


Seller needs to claim payment or send a Mutual Cancellation and relist fixing that email.

Never rely on eBay nor emails for accurate payment information.

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