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Registered: ‎02-19-2010
If I pay for an item through paypal and the seller is not registered with paypal and will not respond to my e-mails what options do I have?

How long do I have to wait for the seller to respond? It's been 3 days and the seller has not responded to my e-mails. When I decided to cancel the transaction paypal put a hold on my funds. How long will that last? What should I do now?

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in reply to cpla2376

excuse me....why are you trying to pay with paypal if the seller does not have a paypal account?

you need to use the payment method stated in the listing that the seller says they accept.....it is not youir choice.


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in reply to cpla2376

It is most likely not the seller that is unregistered but the email for payment on their listing.


New sellers often type their emails wrong, all sellers often make typos using mobile apps, old sellers often change ISPs and foolishly remove their old emails from PayPal.


Brand new sellers often forget to link PayPal and eBay or they forget to confirm their emails.


These errors resulting in Unclaimed buyer payments happen all day, every day.


Cancelling your payment, does NOT cancel the transaction with eBay. Only sellers can do that. It is a two step process and buyers have to participate.


You can report the seller for non performance for not having a valid PayPal account linked to his listing.


Report Seller Non-Performance


DO NOT use Send Money to seller's correct email or pay a PayPal Money Request. That would VOID your eBay Buyer Protection.

Never rely on eBay nor emails for accurate payment information.

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