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How long does it take for paypal to clear payments so orders can be shipped in a timely manner?

How long does it take for paypal to clear payments so orders can be shipped in a timely manner?

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in reply to vivianscole

Most payments are cleared almost immediately.  An exception... if a buyer pays via an eCheck, these can take 3-4 days domestic US, or as long as 2 weeks for international payments.  When paid in this manner, PayPal notifies the seller, and their transaction details won't show cleared until it actually is.


Note:  The clock doesn't start ticking for the timely shipping of an order until a buyer's payment has cleared.


Always look at your PayPal account to confirm a payment has cleared... NEVER rely on the information on eBay's page.


Finally, being new, you'll most likely encounter PayPal's 21-Day HOLD.  In your PayPal account, the payment will be marked cleared, even though the funds haven't been released to you, yet.  Read the link below so you understand what you must do to receive your money earlier...




Good luck!

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If the payment is via a domestic e-check, they clear in about 3 business days.


If the payment is funded by another means, the funds clear into the PayPal account immediately.


Sellers MUST ship when PayPal tells them it is OK to ship.


Read ALL of this: 



Then, put a copy of this under your pillow, so your brain can absorb it while you are asleep B-) : 



Also, since you have not purchased anything on eBay, read ALL of this: 



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in reply to vivianscole

All new sellers including you are subject to Paypal held funds from 3 days to 21 days depending on delivery of the item.  When you see in yoour paypal account that the buyer has paid, you ship.  You do not wait for your funds to be available.  No buyer waits for a new seller's funds to be available.