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How do you get paid for selling one item?


I'm new to ebay and would like to sell one or two items. I saw in the fine print that you won;t receive payment until you have sold $250 in sales, 25 transactions and it has been 90 days since the transaction. How can you get paid if you are only sellin a few things? What is the incentive for someoen who just wants to sell a a handful of things?


Thanks for your help!


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you are misreadding the "fine print".....you just will get a hold on your payment, until the item can show delivered (so always use delviery confirmation) and the buyer has not filed a dispute due to damagem item not as described, item not received, etc They can hold finds for up to 21 days... eBay does this to make sure the seller is legitimate and the buyer is protected against scammers.  Once you meet those minimums, those restrictions will be lifted

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Read ALL of this:



Then, put a copy of this under your pillow, so your brain can absorb it while you are asleep:



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You didn't read it correctly.


about unavailable payments:



about selling limits



getting started selling on eBay


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suggest you re-read the fine print...more slowly this time, as you have totally misunderstood what you read.


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You will get paid. Your money will not be released until 3 days after delivery confirmation shows delivered. After 90 days, 25 sells, and $250 in sales, they will remove this restriction.