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How do i get paid through paypal after i have shipped my item?

Paypal tells me i have to enter a tracking number to receive my payment, but where do i enter the tracking number? 

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Read ALL of this: 



Then, put a copy of this under your pillow, so your brain can absorb it while you are asleep: 




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Before shipping...


Make sure that the payment transaction appears in your Paypal account.

Click on the details link for the transaction.

Ship only to the address provided by Paypal.

Ship using delivery confirmation / tracking if the total payment amount is less than $250,  signature confirmation / tacking with signature required if the payment is $250 or more.


Your payment may be subject to the 21 day hold policy, but the payment transaction will still appear in your Paypal account.

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You enter the tracking / delivery confirm number right at the item sold, here"s how, click on my ebay, top of ebay page, then click selling, scroll down slowly to SOLD, find that item you sold, now just under the tiitle of that item you"ll see tracking, edit add, click on ADD, now enter the tracking / delivery confirm number and the carrier such as USPS OR FED EX, then click on SAVE this should put that tracking / delivery confirm number just under the title of the item you"ve sold. Now sign into paypal account and find that item you"ve sold / beem paid for, bring that item up, scroll down slowly and click on tracking, make sure your tracking / delivery confirm number is there. If by chance you didn"t get tracking / delivery confirm when you shipped, better call paypal for thier advice, at 1-888-221-1161.