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How do I use my PayPal account to get paid for my winning bid?

I am a new seller to Ebay. I just sold and got paid for one of my bids. I have a PayPal account. How do I use it to receive my payment for my winnig bid from the buyer? What is my first step?

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in reply to pittsb4043

When listing the item, you would have entered your email address that you want payments to go to.  This would be the email address you have on file with Paypal.  If the buyer paid, the money will be in your Paypal account.  Login to Paypal to see if there is a payment transaction there.  If there isn't, then the buyer hasn't paid yet.

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Record of payments subject to hold shows on the seller's account just as any other payment does.


The funds just don't add to the balance until they are released.


You must see the payment status of Completed and OK to SHIP on the Details page before shipping.

Never rely on eBay nor emails for accurate payment information.

Login to PayPal!
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in reply to pittsb4043

Your listing HAD the payment method to be PayPal.

So your funds will be in your PayPal account - eventually.


You are a new seller - and I'm sure you are on the 21 day hold for funds.


You NEED TO SHIP the item as soon as PayPal says it is okay to ship.  So you need to log in to PayPal and check the payment status 2-3-4-5 times a day if necessary.


And read:

Uploading tracking / DC #

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You should read this:




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