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How do I update my info on my PayPal account? Does PayPal automatically pay the seller?

How do I update my cc info on PayPal?  Does PayPal automatically pay the seller on the bid I just won?

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in reply to ttdid2

You have to manually click the pay button, PayPal will not use your money without permission.

You can update your credit card in your PayPal account under your Profile. Make sure the card is approved before you try to pay. PayPal will charge a buck to your account to verify it, then you can use it. The charge will be reversed a short time later.


If you are only updating the expiration date then there will be no new verification necessary.



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No, paypal itself does not pay your seller when you win soomething, you do. Paypal simply records which ever credit / debit card and or checking saveings account your useing on paypal OR!! the money if any you have in your paypal account, this could be from someting you sold, that money would go into your paypal account until you either spend it on items you"ve won / bought on ebay or transfer that money into your bank account, the bank account you have on file with paypal. When you registerd with ebay you also registered with paypal, pay pal is the means to how you pay for ebay items. In ypour paypal account you listed a credit / debit card and checking account this is where thje money will come from to pay for items you have won on ebay or bought again if you have money in your paypal that money will be spent first before paypal will go to your debit / credit card and or checking account. MOW that you"ve won an item you need to pay for that item, you have 4 days from the day of auction win or buy itnow to pay. To pay, click on my ebay top of ebay page then click purchase history, here is the item you won / bought, to the right of that item click on Pay Now, this will bring you to paypal, you"ll be asked your password then you"ll be able to pay for this item. Go slow and read everything.